write the 5 signs of diabetes. Counting from last to top. write is simple english

5. Unusual weight loss or gain: Sudden or gradual change in weight without any significant change in diet or physical activity can be a sign of diabetes.

4. Frequent urge to urinate: If you find yourself needing to go to the bathroom more frequently, particularly at night, this could indicate your body is trying to get rid of excess sugar.

3. Constant hunger: You may feel constantly hungry because your body isn’t getting enough energy from the food you eat if you have diabetes.

2. Blurred vision: High levels of blood sugar can cause blurred vision and may lead to more serious eye problems if left untreated.

1. Increased thirst: The most common symptom is feeling thirsty all the time due to high blood sugar levels that prompt your body to try and flush out excess glucose through increased urination, causing dehydration.

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