Dyflogest – 3 Boxes and 1 FREE Digital Booklet


Dyflogest supports your digestion system naturally with 4 stellar ingredients:

dyflogest black radish

Dyflogest Ingredient No. 1: Black Radish

Black radish is known to detoxify the liver. Its main digestive strength helps stimulates your liver to produce more bile and helps it flow more freely from your bile ducts to your stomach to neutralize excess stomach acid. Not only it speeds up your digestion but also relieving constipation and colon back-up. It does also boosts your immune system.

dyflogest artichoke

Dyflogest Ingredient No. 2: Artichoke

A component of the artichoke plant, called Cynarin, improves your liver and gallbladder functions by stimulating secretion of more digestive juices and bile.

dyflogest artemisia

Dyflogest Ingredient No. 3: Artemisia

Also known as wormwood, artemisia helps keep your bowels clean by supporting the elimination of microbes. It’s like a repellent against unfriendly bacteria, and even some parasites such as hookworms and pinworms. Plus, it’s a useful remedy for liver and gallbladder.

dyflogest peppermint

Dyflogest Ingredient No. 4: Peppermint

It relieves upset stomach, regulates the growth of certain bacteria, and soothes and relaxes muscles. High in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It also supplies fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Together with these 4 ingredients increase bile production, which in turn stimulates peristalsis, the wave-like muscular action in your large intestines and colon.

Which keeps toxic feces moving along at the right speed for regular bowel movements.

With Dyflogest you don’t have to give up your favorite foods. As it can lead to digestive disaster.

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